Ballast Water Ratification Update

With a 12-month wait until the Ballast Water Conventions comes into force, it is a good time to look at how this will affect ship-owners and suppliers a like in the run up.

For ship-owners and operators, they will certainly be considering the best time for installation (if they haven’t already). They will need to have a Ballast Water Management plan in place as well as ensuring it covers the two performance standards, D1 and D2.

The D1 standard concerns ballast water exchange, which must be undertaken within open ocean areas, >200m from land and in seas >200m deep.

The D2 standard covers approved ballast water treatment systems.
On the other side are suppliers, who will be thrilled by the ratification as it will mean guaranteed increased business from the end of 2017 onwards, and a busy period predicted between 2018-2022.

It has also inspired some companies to collaborate such as French company SUEZ who have just signed a 5-year deal with South Korean company NK to produce ozone generators for ballast water treatment systems.

There has been some confusion over when the Ballast Water Systems need to be installed, IMO will require it to be installed by the time the vessel has its first dry dock survey after the convention, but the USCG requires it to be implemented after the first major survey, every survey has two dry dockings, and the confusion comes where the IMO does not specify whether it is the intermediate dry docking survey or major dry docking.

Whilst we wait for these questions to be answered, there will be an in depth discussion about the Ballast Water Convention at both the upcoming Green Ship Technology Conference North America and the BWMTech Conference, which is being held in London.

Ginger Garte from Lloyd’s Register will be discussing the Consequences of the Convention Ratification: Will We Meet The Compliance Deadline? At the Green Ship Technology Conference, Ricky Dixon will also be talking about Water Quality and BWTS Limitations.

The IMO’s Markus Helavuori will be discussing the Results From the MEPC70: An Update From The IMO, as well as Peter Lundhal Rasmussen from BIMCO talking about The Road To Compliance: Factors To Consider Beyond Installation at the BWMTech Conference.


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